Initiation Bobbin lace (dutch and English spoken)

€ 240

Lehrer: Kristel Cromheeke

In this course we start with bobbin lace from the very beginning. We learn the basic stitches, edges and reading a technical drawing based on the colour code from Bruges.  We will learn to use these techniques in small simple lace patterns. After the course you will have a solid basic to continue further bobbin lace courses.

Those who have already started this series can pick up again after lesson 5.

Level : Beginners

Language : Dutch and English

Maximum number of students per group : 10
Minimum number of students per group : 4

Friday afternoon from 2 pm  till 4 pm Central European Time (CET) : 09/09, 07/10, 04/11, 09/12, 13/01, 10/02, 10/03, 21/04, 12/05, 09/06

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