Neues Datum 2021

Entwerpen mit dem PC - 3 Jahr - 2021

€ 240

Lehrer: Annie Vancraeynest

A full round design has undoubted advantages for the lace maker: no overlapping to finish, no mounting and, once the lace is taken off the pillow, it is ready.

Designing full circles manually is no easy task.   Luckily the Knippling program is there to help us. Hence my research into patterns for circles designed on computer! Full rounds with a contemporary look are cool, as you can express your creativity with them.  

In the 3rd year summer course with Knipling we first make a grid and a design as a group, after which students can make their own designs and grids. 

The third year focuses exclusively on making various grids and prickings for full rounds in Torchon. Working diagrams can always be made by hand.   The aim is to make as many grids and prickings as possible.

05/07/2021-09/07/2021 [30 uren]

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