Chantilly 2 & 4 Jahr

€ 240

Lehrer: Lieve Pollet

Chantilly 2nd year

Once we master the basic techniques of the first year, we can develop leaves and flowers, study another ground found in Chantilly. Here too we work with the technical drawing and bobbins. With the necessary help we develop a first small creation ... with guaranteed results.

Chantilly 4th year / group master

The master group is not directly confronted with new techniques, but works with a piece of old lace, which will be transformed into technical drawing and prikking. We will also take an old prikking to work out in Chantilly lace and / or we will realize a new creation. Here the knowledge of the Chantilly lace technique and the mastery of the technical drawing are necessary.

04/07/2022 – 08/07/2022 [30 uren]

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