Flandrische Spitze 1 & 2 Jahr

€ 290

Lehrer: Veerle Meersschaut

Sprachen: Niederländisch, Französisch, Englisch

Flanders lace 1st year
A knowledge of Torchon lace is required as a base and students must be able to read a working diagram easily.

In the first year the ground, picots, taking pairs in and out, pinnetjes (indentations in the headside) and bolletjes (Flanders peas) are learned.  We also learn to make detail drawings from working diagrams to gain increased insight.

Flanders lace 2nd year
In the second year of Flanders, we learn corners, setting up and finishing a medallion with solid areas and different sorts of snowflakes (large and small).

14/08/2023 - 18/08/2023 [30 uren]

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