handgemachte spitze

Several authentic, exclusive, handmade lace-works are offered for sale in our shop and webshop. They have been made by participants of the daily lace 


There are as well classic as modern lace-works.

Each lace-work is marked with the official "Handmade in Bruges" label, the name of the producer, its price and the date of production.

If you wish to see these lace-works you're invited to come to the Lace centre or to get in touch with us by mail; contact info@kantcentrum.eu .


Bestellungen werden jeden Mittwoch versendet. Produkte, die am Dienstag vor 12 Uhr bestellt werden, werden am nächsten Tag verschickt.

Dieses Produkt ist vorübergehend nicht auf Lager


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