Oktober 2021

Workshop 'Zeitgenössische figurative Spitzen inspiriert aus der Natur II'

€ 42

Lehrer: Katelijne Debaene

Von 10.00 bis 13.00 Uhr

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn to turn a freehand drawing inspired by something in nature (e.g. flowers, birds, butterflies, leaves) into a piece of lace. You will be guided through all stages of the process of arriving at a creation in lace, from the drawing up to and including the presented piece of lace. Different techniques are covered: bobbin lace, needle lace and mixed techniques. The first session includes discussing and preparing the piece of lace (drawing, choice of thread, presentation, etc.) This enables the participant to move on to the 2nd session, when the lace is worked.

Note: as flower lace techniques are often used, there is A LOT of sewing-in!

A knowledge of the basic lace techniques is all that is needed to take part in this workshop.

09/10 + 23/10/2021

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