Bruges' Lace Centre 50 years young! - 2020

50 years ago, on June 10th 1970, the non-profit organization “Kantcentrum” was founded in Bruges. The Board of Directors of the "Kantcentrum Brugge" and all employees and collaborators do not want to let this beautiful birthday go unnoticed and would like to share it with you.

Due to the sharp decline in the number of students who were still following lace education, a number of lace schools, in particular those of the Apostolins Sisters, together with friends from the Bruges’ lace, founded a new non-profit organization with the aim of intensively propagating lace so that this art craft could survive. This initiative was immediately successful; many new students presented themselves. Two years later, the non-profit association took over the lace teaching from the sisters because the sisters could no longer bear the burden of education.
Lace education was thus safeguarded. The Lace Centre independently continued all its other activities and therefore now presents itself as the institution of choice, known for its professional lace training and its worldwide renowned teachers. In 2009 a new Board of Directors took over the association. The Bruges’ Lace Centre moved into the fully renovated building of the former lace school in 2014.

The Bruges' Lace Centre has now grown into a knowledge center for lace in Flanders. Since 1978, it publishes a renowned 3-monthly magazine, "KANT". It provides training for lace teachers, provides courses for youth and adults throughout the year, runs a webshop and lace shop, publishes several lace books every year, publishes also a weekly 'Newsletter', has a beautiful interactive lace museum and organizes numerous lace activities and promotions.
The Board of Directors would like to thank the many employees and sympathizers  for their support and cooperation in maintaining and further growing our organization. 

many activities will take place in the context of this 50th anniversary.
We already mention the following activities:
- a new lace special has just been issued, 'Special ESTONIA 2020-2021', with 15 original lace patterns in various lace techniques; the book has 64 pages and is published in six languages ​​(besides Dutch, French, English and German also Italian and Spanish); the book is available in the -Kantcentrum'- shop, Balstraat 16, 8000 Bruges and in the specialized bookstore;
-The Lace Centre has opend an the exposition by and about 'A P-Lace together', the virtual worldwide lace workshop that was propagated by the Lace Center on the initiative of our lace teacher Xandra Ballieu; at present, the 3000 participants worldwide are registered for this project; they receive a lace pattern, via the FB page 'A P-Lace together',  participants were asked to send their finished lacework to the Lace Center for display, to exhibit those lace strips, 
- The museum is hosting the occasional exhibition 'War Lace, lace from W.O.I'; this small exhibition shows some remarkable lace top pieces, made during W.O. I in the context of the operation of the 'Commission for the Relief of Belgium'; through the help of this Commission, a limited basic income could be provided to the many thousands of poor lace-makers in Bruges and throughout Belgium;
-the Board of Directors also invites all sympathizers and those interested in lace to visit our centre and museum;  daily from 10 am to 5 pm;  the daily lace workshop with demonstrations in the afternoon, from 2 to 5 pm;
tickets for the museum can - preferably - be ordered online via the webshop on our website; tickets can also be ordered by telephone or by mail; we are closed on Sundays and public holidays.
- via the 'Newsletter' we keep everyone informed of all activities and news from and about the Lace Centre; a subscription is free; You can subscribe via

The Lace Centre has received in 2018 the quality-label of "Handmade in Bruges" from the city of Bruges.

Our data are: Bruges' Lace Centre, Balstraat 16, 8000 Bruges, Belgium; phone: 0032 (0) 50 33 00 72; mail:; website: