The Corona tiles

At the end of the first Coronavirus summer (2020), I realised that my Binche lacemakers had not had a Binche challenge for almost a year. Somehow, I had to ensure that they did not miss their pencil and rubber too much.

So, I designed a little tile and sent a template to my Binche students. The empty page set off towards the ladies in the Binche working group, who had only been able to meet once last year and whom I didn’t want to suffer from withdrawal. Course participants who had been on their own because there had been no 4th year Binche summer course were also invited to start on it.

With a little bit of help they all succeeded, solving the puzzle and designing this little gem, and finally worked it in bobbin lace. Then I decided to share the finished pattern with other Binche lovers on the Kantcentrum Facebook page and in our virtual workshop, 'A P-lace together'.

A lot of little tiles reached the Kantcentrum from all over, even from overseas, sometimes with a nice little note which gave us great pleasure in these difficult times. Work started to put them together into one whole and the result was on show this summer in the Kantcentum.

Sincere thanks to all lacemakers who took part. 

Lieve Pollet