Heritage Day is a special day every year; a day to make our heritage, that we treasure so much, more widely known and introduce the wider public to what we do.  The next Heritage Day (a week this time), is scheduled for Sunday 24 April 2022 and from 25 to 29 April 2022.

Lace in all its aspects belongs to our heritage and is also our passion; a passion which we would like to share with the public.  Lace is not limited to bobbin lace; there is also needle lace, designing and making working diagrams from the designs.  We have a wealth of information in our archives which allows us to redefine our heritage, sometimes with a nod to contemporary lace.  We are really eager to use these days to showcase our ancient craft which, on the one hand, is developing into an art form – artist’s expression –and on the other into a social event – making bobbin or needle lace together.  

As a Lace Centre and lace school – because the theme is “school” – we of course want to play our part and so we invite you all to make “letters” in bobbin lace.  

On “A P-lace together”, on the Kantcentrum’s Facebook page and in our own “non-virtual” workshops onsite, we are going to distribute and post a series of patterns, letters obviously, in all possible types of lace.  Thus, we will reach not only our local lacemakers but also lacemakers in Belgium and overseas.  We therefore cordially invite everyone to work with all of us and to send these letters to the Kantcentrum.  All these bobbin lace letters will be exhibited in the Kantcentrum for a short period, starting on 24 April 2022.

Have fun with your bobbins and see you then!

Lieve, Kristel and Katelijne