In 2010, Laurence designed a work that she had lasered from an iron
plate. The result appealed to her. Both sunlight and artificial light gave
the work has a different expression each time. The combination of metal,
light and shadow completely enraptured her and set her
on a road she didn't know then where it would take her.
When she mastered the technique of bobbin lace, the
step to bobbin with iron wire quickly made. She felt quickly
affinity with the material and technique of bobbin lace. They
experimented with thick and thin wires. It soon became clear
that she preferred the thicker iron wire. A thought,
an image, a shadow, a sensation, a hunch, a
dream, gives an impetus to arrive at a new work. She makes
a drawing and a pattern that she uses as a basis for making bobbins.
Words like passion, connection, light, dark, sun, shadow,
movement, change, color, colorless, nature, large, small,
freedom... touch the meaning of her work. Always go to work and
shadow hand in hand, they are one and inseparable!