Online Courses

How do we proceed?
A few days before the course you will receive by email a link which you must click a little before the agreed time CET (Central European Standard Time).
Using Microsoft Teams, you take a joint online course for twice two hours (or twice an hour). Between the two times of class there is a period of time allowing you to study the problems and to practice.
As for questions, each participant has the possibility after the lesson to ask their questions individually online in a one-to-one (help) session (one hour per person, per lesson) This is also done by Teams at a time agreed.

Everything you need for the course is provided in advance:
A PDF with a sheet to fill out for exercises, prickings and a list of materials to have on hand. Technical drawings are sent by email following each lesson. So, participants can get started during class time.
Important: check if your pc has a camera; preferably use a fixed internet network (therefore with cable), otherwise get as close as possible to your router.

As we need a minimum of registrations we would like to know a week before the start of the course if you are interested in this course or workshop.
Please also specify your domicile and the desired language of the course.
The course price includes lessons, exercises, technical drawings, one-on-one help sessions and optionally access to short instructional films.