Binche 1st Year - april 2022

€ 288

Tutor: Lieve Pollet

 10 - 13  & 13.30 - 16.30 h

In this course Lieve would like to pass on the techniques of Binche, a fine lace with continuous threads and a very mysterious looking "magic" lace, to future Binche lovers. By making bobbinlace you learn to feel the lace, to draw a little, then you can hold on to master the basic elements.

During this week, you will get different little laceworks in which you becomes acquainted with snowflakes, small snowflakes, balls and other simple grounds and with which these basic techniques can be practiced and… make you long for more!

04/04/2022 – 09/04/2022 (ook op zaterdag) [36 uren]

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