Waaiers ontwerpen op pc

€ 290

Tutor: Annie Vancraeynest

Only students who have already followed cutting for 2 years

A fan has been used by women for centuries to cool themselves inconspicuously. They also use a fan to discreetly and elegantly display their wealth. They were often made of expensive fabrics such as silk, velvet, satin, batiste, linen, lace, parchment, paper, bone, plumes, ivory, alabaster, silver, gold, wood and mother-of-pearl.

Fans were used as a means of communication, to attract attention and were an instrument in the art of seduction. In this way signals could be transmitted discretely. By holding the fan in a certain position, one could play secret games.

Why not design a fan in the 2023 summer course?

Maybe you've owned a frame for years but don't have a pattern yet.

In the summer course: fans first design a grid and design as a class, after that one can make a personal design and grid

10/07/2023 – 14/07/2023 [30 uren]

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