Tapestry or wall decoration in lace

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Tutor: Sophie Poppe

Tutor: Sophie Poppe
Dates: 25/08 – 29/08/2025
Times: 9 :00-12 :00 hrs & 13:00-16:00 hrs

More information:

Your tapestry in lace can be large, wide and long. Your wall decoration can also be very small and fine and worked very precisely. Combine lace types and techniques, continuous or part laces, bobbin and/or needle lace, or a mixture of both, as you prefer.


4 days of lessons spread over the 5-days of the week:

Monday day 1: Making a design - which lace type, techniques and colours will be best? Distilling the creative process (weighing up all the options and expressing your own choices).

Tuesday day 2: Choosing (possibly buying) the materials to go with it, winding the bobbins, etc. (no class)

Wednesday day 3: Setting up, starting work, discussing techniques..... great fun!

Thursday day 4: Continue working and talking about techniques.

Friday day 5: Discuss finishing and presentation.


25/08 – 29/08/2025

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