Teacher Courses 2019-2022


The teacher training consists of a three-year cycle.
In September 2019 started the first year of the current teacher training course in the Bruges' Lace Centre.
We are keeping the modular system so that you can enrol on one or several modules instead of having to follow the whole cycle, as you know.

This training course not only covers study and transfer of techniques using the method developed by the former Lace Normal School in Bruges, but also personal development based on these techniques and an understanding of the past in order to apply the knowledge in the here and now. Thus, even at the beginning of the 2nd or 3rd year, one can enroll separately for the modules of that 2nd or 3rd year without having followed the 1st year.

History of lace is an essential tool for learning to understand and place the significance of lace in our society.

Developing your own projects using ancient techniques and ideas with contemporary resonance are covered extensively, both in bobbin and needle lace.

Three years of study  Tuesdays , guarantee you a wealth of information, development and your own designs in a group of kindred spirits and with the support of all the teaching staff. Teaching hours: from 10 am until until 1 pm and from 1.30 pm until 4.30 pm.

Price for a full year:                      600 €
Price per module:                         See website

If you take several modules over the year and the sum of their prices would be more than the total for the course, no more than this maximum amount is payable

Enrolment must be no later than 3 weeks before the first session of the course. A minimum participants is required for the course to run. The number of participants for each course is limited. The decision on whether the course will run is taken 3 weeks before the start at the latest.  

You are not definitely registered until payment of the deposit is received which also implies that you agree to the conditions.   In case of cancellation less than three weeks before the start of the course, the deposit will not be refunded

3th year


14 sept      CB     CB
  04 jan         MB   MB       19 apr        LP     LP  
21 sept      CB     CB   11 jan         MB    MB       26 apr        LP     LP  
28 sept      CB     CB       18 jan         GL     MB       03 mei        SP     SP  
05 okt        CB     CB       25 jan         MB    MB   10 mei        SP     SP  
12 okt        MB    MB   01 febr       GL     LP   17 mei        LP     LP  
19 okt        CB     MM   08 febr       LP     LP   24 mei       AW    LP  
26 okt        MM    MM   15 febr       GL     LP   31 mei        AW    AW  
09 nov       MB    MB   22 febr       LP     LP   7 juni          AW    AW  
16 nov       GL     MM   08 maart    LP     LP        14 juni        AW    AW  
23 nov       SP     SP   15 maart    SP     SP       21 juni        SC     SC  
30 nov       SP     SP   22 maart    SP     SP       28 juni        SC     SC  
07 dec        GL     MB          
14 dec        GL     MB          


Christiane Blokken Parijse kant 9 HD  
Martine Bruggeman Kantgeschiedenis/ Ontwerpen hedendaagse kant  
Geneviève Leplat Lassen, innaaien en restaureren van kant 6 HD  
Marian Muller Inleiding tot de Mechelse kant 4 HD  
Sophie Poppe Uitvoeren van hedendaagse klos- en naaldkant 12 HD  
Lieve Pollet Binche 16 HD (-1hd)  
Annick Wils Fijn Brugs bloemwerk + inleiding Rosaline  
Simone Coppieters Beverse kant  

•            Herfstvakantie van maandag 1 november tot zondag 7 november 2021
•            Kerstvakantie van maandag 27 december 2021 tot zondag 9 januari 2022
•            Krokusvakantie van maandag 28 februari tot zondag 6 maart 2022
•            Paasvakantie van maandag 4 april tot zondag 17 april 2022
•            Hemelvaart van donderdag 26 mei tot vrijdag 27 mei 2022



Module: History of lace (part 2) 2nd year


Module : Fine flowerlace (Duchesse)


Module: Joining and mounting lace, tissue decoration, restoration of lace