Module: History of lace (part 2) 2nd year

€ 340.2

Tutor: Martine Bruggeman

Teacher:                 Martine Bruggeman

Foreknowledge:         1ste year              

Goal:                      To be able to situate the lace in the history: socio-economic and  Art Historical                                                situation
                                To be able to date laces and iconography (style evolution) and to situate laces                                                geographically
                                To be able to describe a global trend in the History of lace

Contents:                Art History: stylistic periods in which the lace arose and evolved Gothic,
                                 Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism: era and art
                                 City tour and visit to Bruges museums

                                  Lace History:  origin of lace
                                  Overview of lace realised in Flanders
                                  Foreign lace
                                  Imitation le
                                  Application of lace in fashion
                                  Style evolutions  through the ages
                                  Socio-economic aspect of lace

Task:                           /

Material:                    none

Evaluation:               History of lace: 1 exam in the 2nd  year
                                   Dissertation which must be explained on the final exam


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