2nd year

Module: Valenciennes

€ 198

Tutor: Chantal Ferier

Teacher :                      Chantal Ferier    

Foreknowledge:           Flanders lace; to have the ability to read and make technical drawings.

Goal:                              To create  your own Valenciennes Lace and translate it in a technical drawing,
                                        to make a technical drawing of a corner and a medallion

Contents:                      main characteristics
Technique :                   - different grounds
                                        - input, output and junctions
                                        - techniques to adapt in spots and different motifs in the ground
                                        - Straight start and finish
                                        - solutions to make corners ( the ground is not 45°)                                   

Task:                               making technical drawings of photographs or pricking and realise
                                        an own design to design 1 motif in ground and corner with this design

Material:                        120 Egyptian. cotton; about 100 bobbins; long fine pins; drawing materials
                                        and coloured markers; Coloured adhesive plastic film, pillow

Evaluation:                    To hand in proper file and the given tasks



08/12/2020 NM, 15/12/2021, 12/01 ganse dag, 19/01 VM

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