2nd year

Module: Flanders lace

€ 330

Tutor: Lieve Pollet

Teacher :                   Lieve Pollet

Foreknowledge:         having the ability to read and to draw technical drawings
                                      To work Torchon lace

Goal:                           to get notion in the techniques of Flanders lace
                                    To process the gathered knowledge into a proper file
                                     Having the ability to make own designs and translate them into
                                     a technical drawing.

Contents:                   short history, main characteristics, equipment
                                    Flanders stitch, Flanders ground, lace edging, picot edge
                                    Input, output, junctions
                                    Straight start and finish of a motif
                                    Switching and passing around a pin
                                    Crossing the gimp
                                    Spots and ovals in Flanders lace
                                    Snowflakes and their junctions
                                    Small snowflakes and their junctions
                                    Making corners without motifs and with small motifs

Task:                           working some samples, to make technical drawings of different motifs
                                    in Flanders ground, to design motifs in Flanders ground.
                                   To design motifs and find solutions to connect the motif with snowflakes
                                   and little snowflakes.
                                   To make technical drawings of own designs
                                   Making corners and technical drawings of these corners


Material:                 long pins (see Torchon lace)
                                 Thread: Egyptian cotton 60/2 or 70/2
                                 Gimp: DMC 16

Evaluation:               To hand in proper file and the given tasks
                                   To hand in 1 end work in Flanders lace in September before the start
                                   of the 3rd   year.                                  

15/09 volledige dag, 22/09,29/09,06/10,20/10,27/10,17/11,24/11,01/12 NaMiddag

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