3rd year

Module: Binche

€ 600

Tutor: Lieve Pollet

Foreknowledge:                Having the ability to read and draw technical drawings. To work
                                               Torchon lace and Flanders lace. Knowledge of Paris lace is an advantage Goal:          - To get notion in the techniques of Binche lace
                    - To process the gathered knowledge into a proper file
                    - Having the ability to make own designs and translate them into a technical drawing.

Contents                - Short history, main characteristics, equipment
                                  - Lace edging, picot edge
                                  - Proportions and basic for designing Binche lace (snowflakes)
                                  - Spots I and II  (bolletjes) in Binche lace
                                  - Tally in Binche lace
                                  - Simple grounds, compound grounds with their passages
                                  - Mentebolle
                                  - Simple grounds and their variations and fantasies
                                  - Making corners
                                  - To make new designs of old grounds
                                  - Straight start and finish
                                  - Bookmark
                                  - Medallion
                                  - Motifs: ring and ring pair, input and output of pairs, crossing the pairs

Tasks:              - Working some samples, drawing motifs in Binche ground,
                          designing motifs in Binche lace.
                          - To make technical drawings of own designs
                          - Making corners and technical drawings of these corners

Evaluation:                 - To hand in proper file and the given tasks
                                       - To start up a final project in Binche lace to present in June of the 3rd   year.

7/9/2022,13/09 21/09,27/09,5/10,11/10,19/10, 25/10

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