3rd year

Module: Joining and mounting lace, tissue decoration, restoration of lace

€ 226.8

Tutor: Genevieve Leplat / Grenier

Goal:               Learning the techniques for joining and mounting lace, techniques to decorate
                         the tissue and restoring lace.

Contents:                  - Joining a ribbon in half stitch, linen stitch and full stitch
                                     - Joining different kind of laces
                                     - Mounting the lace: with open work, with simple pin stitch or double pin stitch
                                     - Open work - Embroider
                                     - English embroider
                                     - Richelieu
                                     - Raccroc stitch
                                     - Restoration of lace

Task: Will be given every lesson 

Evaluation: To present your file at the end with the given tasks


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