3rd year

Module: Mechlin lace

€ 151.2

Tutor: Marian Muller

Foreknowledge:                  Flanders lace and Paris lace. To have the ability to read and draw technical                                                     drawings

Goal:                                       To be able to make your own design, pricking and technical drawing. To                                                           make the Mechlin Lace.

Contents:                              - Lace technology, materials, terminology
                                                 - Main characteristics; to compare the Mechlin lace with other kind of laces                                                     who have a similar looking ground
                                                 - To compare laces of 18th, 19th and 20est century
                                                 - Ground and junctions, full work and junctions, to start and finish
                                                 - Decorations: little identical motifs in the ground and decoration grounds                                                       decompose photos
                                                 - To fill in, complete, technical drawings
                                                 - To search for a nice corner

Task: To design a proper Mechlin Lace

Evaluation:                             - Permanent evaluation
                                                   - To hand in drawings and file
                                                   - Perform a few corners (whole lace)
                                                   - To make samples of each lesson


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