3rd year

Module: Executing modern lace

€ 396

Tutor: Sophie Poppe

Foreknowledge:                    To have a good knowledge of torchon lace is a must to evolve                                                                             modern designs.

Goal:                                          To realise a plane and three-dimensional modern lace

 Contents:              - Study of material
                                  - To execute abstract modern lace while using different materials
                                  - Changing classic grounds
                                  - New grounds: turbulent bobbin lace

Task:           Creating modern designs and their patterns. Making samples to learn modern techniques  

Evaluation:                - No examination, evaluation of the file to hand in after the module.
                                      - We start a final work in needle lace, or bobbin lace or a combination of both
                                      as well as a complete study to arrive at the result. It is not necessary to make
                                      a huge project, also small and refined projects can testify your creativity.


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