Teacher Courses 2022-2026

The Lace Centre is working, full of enthusiasm, at the future.

From September 2022 our high standard teacher training will be divided into a basic training (2 years) and an expert training (2 years).

It is obvious that the modular system continues to exist.

Concerning the contents of our teachers’ course, nothing will change at all. The course offers a wealth of information, you learn to apply the traditional lace techniques into contemporary lace, both bobbin and needle lace. Creating lace yourself, developing creativity; for many, this is an exciting journey of exploration.

The lace history course, which explores the evolution of technique, style and fashion, helps to understand the importance of lace in society.

These innovations, which we are already gradually applying in the second and third year of the current teacher course, will be applied more in the classes of the following training. During the lessons, most of the time will be spent to theory. So, there will be more time for personal study at home and for creating own projects.

Each participant receives, for each specific course, a syllabus containing the structure of the course and examples of technical drawings. It remains essential that everyone is able to make technical drawings. If necessary, it can be learned during a two-day mini course which will be organized before the start of the teacher training.

The teachers will be available online to ask for additional explanations or to ask the necessary questions, but only about the given lessons.

Classes take place every two weeks, Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

After the first two basic years, you receives a certificate. The lace teacher diploma is acquired only after completing the basic and expert training.

First year lace teacher basic course

34 half days per school year

Torchon 13 
Russian lace + bruges Flower work 10 
Thesis 1
Total 34 half days

Second lace teacher basic course

Flanders lace 10 
Needle lace (base)
Create 1
Tissue decoration, joining lace, mounting lace
Contemporary execution base
Total 34 half days

end works: Torchon, Flanders lace, Simple contemporary bobbin lace in parts

Expert course, lace teacher, first year

36 half-days per school year

Valenciennes 5
Paris lace 8
History 2 6
Bruges Duchesse + intro Rosaline 10 
Create 2 6
Total 36 half days 

Expert course, lace teacher, second year

Mechelin lace 4
Binche 16
Beveren + intr chantilly
Contemporary execturion 2
Needle lace 2
Total 36 half days

thesis-work: a bobbin lace of your choice in the expert training, classic needle lace, contemporary bobbin or needle lace or a combination of the two + thesis.