Basic 1st year

Module: Russian lace + Bruges Flower work

€ 270

Tutor: Veerle Meerschaut

Teaching period:       
10 half days (1st year)

To have the ability to work Torchon lace and reading technical drawings.


to get notion in the techniques,
to process the gathered knowledge into a proper file
to realise your own design


Bruges flower lace:    
   material, characteristics
   input and output of pairs; leaves; flowers;
   Designing a flower; scroll; clover leave
   French lily; decorations; fillings; figures in flower lace

Rococo lace :              
   material; brief history; characteristics
   branches; leaves; bud; flowers ; bar
   assembly of parts; picots

Florence lace:            
   material, characteristics
   Ribbons,  éternelle;   
   leaves; little flower or circle; false plait; honeycomb ground

Chrysene lace:           
   material, characteristics
   ball; leaf; cut spider

making samples;  making a file with technical drawings and samples                                
making a design of each kind of flower lace and executing 1 of them

exam and handing your file with one worked lace













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