Basic 1st year

Module: Torchon

Tutor: Katelijne Debaene

Teaching period: 13 half days (1st year)

Foreknowledge: to have the ability to work Torchon lace and reading technical drawing

goal:  to get notion in the techniques of Torchon lace, to process the gathered knowledge into a proper file, having the ability to make own designs and translate them into a technical drawing

Lace technology, materials, terminology
characteristics; full work; lace edging, ground, decorations
simple ground: torchon ground,  Brussels ground;  enclosed pin ground,  Dieppe ground
composed grounds: simple virgin ground
                                    double virgin ground
                                    closed check point
                                    maiden’s net stitch
                                    maiden’s net stitch with squares
                                    Slavic maiden’s net stitch
                                    Twist maiden’s net stitch
                                    Rose ground (torchon, Brussels, enclosed pin, Dieppe)
                                    triangular stitch to the left and to the right
                                    simple square ground, crossed square ground

simple spider, spider with ring, spider with eye, spider in the edge
tally: square, leaf, triangular
working with colours    

junctions: full work with full work, full work with ground
                   input and output of pairs


making Technical drawing, thread drawing en pricking
designing corners on 2 different ways
putting a motif in a circle, oval, square
Full circle and full square

material: drawing material, linen 80/2, long fine torchon pins

Evaluation: written exam
designing a special end work, working it and handing in before the start of the second year. Handing in the file after the module( date  after agree)



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