"Opletané pallickované cipky" - Víťazoslav Mišík ("Strips in Torchon lace")

In Slovakia, Víťazoslav Mišík is a real authority on lace. His first book “Škola paličkovania” ("The Lace School") from 1988 was the basis of lace education in his country. After his death in 1992, at the request of many lace lovers and lace clubs, his second book “Opletané pallickované cipky” ("Strips in Torchon lace") was published in 2017. This book deals with 62 previously unpublished patterns of strips of torchon lace. Such traditional strips originally decorated the local folkloric attire. Clear photos and pattern drawings ensure good accessibility of the models. An inspiring classic!
Hardcover, 177 pages, 30 x 21 cm


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