Sternchenmeer (D) - Dana Mihulkova & Irena Ring

17 pages, 30 x 21 cm
English - Loose-leaf / folder
edition Irena Ring

Folder DIN A4 with 17 pages of text, photos and technical drawings, 5 lace patterns and templates. With links to photo series and videos. The patterns can be expanded in both length and width. Suitable for making scarves, tote bags, cases, cushion covers, table runners and the like. Elaboration possible in different materials: cotton, wool, ribbons. The title, "A Sea of Stars", refers to the 3 pair intersections that are central here. In Czech they are called "asterisks".

Dana Mihulkova was born in 1973 in the Czech Republic. Her mother and aunt were lace workers and she too learned to bobbin from an early age. Afterwards she mainly focused on drawing and designing lace. We also have an earlier edition "Point Ground Slightly Different" in stock from her.


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