Threads of Power - Emma Cormack

Language: English
Emma Cormack and Michele Majer
Illustrations : 500 illustrations
weight: 2,140 kg
pages : 432

“Threads of Power: Lace from the Textilmuseum St. Gallen" describes the history of lace in fashion from the start of the sixteenth century until the present and offers a view of the most beautiful collections of historic lace in the world. The book examines the longstanding links between lace and status, and deals with styles of lace worn at royal courts like the court of the Hapsburgs, in Spain and the Bourbons in France, as well as lace for the ruling classes and the indigenous people in Latin America.  This publication discusses the results of new research and covers a range of topics relating to lace production, lace in fashion and portraits, the revival of lace, the mechanisation of the lace industry in the 19th and 20th centuries and modern innovations in lace.   This richly illustrated work contains extensive contributions from curators and experts from great museums and academic institutions, with special reference to lace techniques, lace makers and lace as a symbol of riches and power.

The exhibition “Threads of Power” was held from 16 September 2022 to 1 January 2023 at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery.


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