Waxed Linen 350m 405

Fil Au chinois – Waxed linen n°40 – Bobin 350 meters

Thread thickness: 40/3 compares with DMC a Broder quality special 20 – Venne Nm 18/2 – Fil au Chinois linen 21/3
Is ideal to use for: Jewellery making, DIY…



This thread has been re-twisted a necessary operation in thread production.
There are 3 threads twisted together to give it a smooth, resistant thread often used in leather work.
It is a high-quality thread which can be used for quality jewellery making, DIY… the linen thread is waxed, which means it has passed through a starch bath which bees wax has been added.
It is then brushed with horse hair and stretched. These operations ensure a thread which is smooth and resistant for most rigid stitches


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