'Kant in Vlaanderen. Erfgoed en Hedendaagse Kunst' - Martine Bruggeman

Language: Dutch (there is also an English edition; see in this webshop: "Lace in Flanders")

The magic brought to life from Lace
Lace is age-old and still alive! The austere white flax wire in countless ways cleaved into transparent motifs is an expression of the refinement of our Flemish culture.

'Kant in Vlaanderen', however, does not merely reflect on tradition. In Bruges as well as in all of Flanders and far beyond, an innovative movement is noticeable. Lace is much more than a craft or folk art today. This ancient technique lives like never before as contemporary textile art, draws from its rich past but is fresh and new in terms of form, material and color.

Number of pages: 320
Dimensions: 300x260


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