second part

A piece of jewelery made in silver and processed with silver paste and silver clay (2)

€ 60

Tutor: Annie Vancraeynest

Tutor: Annie Vancraeynest
Dates:  Friday 7/02/2025 & 21/02/2025
Times:  13:00-16:00 hrs & 2nd day 13:00-17:00 hrs

More info:
Only for students who have already attended the first workshop.

1st afternoon:  work a piece of bobbin lace jewellery in silver or your own creation in metallic thread. Have you been thinking about it? 

Try to look for a bit of inspiration beforehand and perhaps work it out in/on paper.

Preferably your own design.

2nd afternoon:  Work jewellery in Art Clay silver, bake and polish it, etc.

Involves working with Art Clay in silver.

Materials not included: allow about 25-30 € for them.

7/02/2025 & 21/02/2025

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