Lace8 Working group

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Tutor: Roos Lecluyse

Tutor: Roos Lecluyse
Dates: 23/10, 20/11/2024 & 12/02, 23/04, 11/06/2025
Times: 9-12 hrs & 13:00-16:00 hrs

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During this cours we will set off to discover the Lace8 program.
We are going to start off with a simple length of Torchon lace.
Through various buttons, hints and tips we will discover how to charm a pricking out of the printer.
Then we start on the working diagram for the little Torchon design.
Using our own little design/piece, we create other forms on paper:  first the pricking and then the working diagram for one chosen form. (circular edging, square edging, full square, etc.)
During our journey of discovery there will be time to deal with the obstacles we will encounter.

Will you come on a voyage of discovery with us?

23/10, 20/11/2024 & 12/02, 23/04, 11/06/2025

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