Knipling working group

€ 127

Tutor: Annie Vancraeynest

Tutor: Annie Vancraeynest
Dates: 18/09, 18/12/2024 & 29/01/2025, 30/04, 18/06
Times: 14:00-17:00 hrs

More information:

You can perfect your own designs thanks to the Knipling program.

People who have already taken a Knipling course, during the summer or somewhere else, can join the working group.

Demand has grown for the working group to enable participants to work with Knipling on a regular basis.
The working group aims to repeat a number of functions and with new patterns. Each time we will design a new pattern together. The objective is to be able to design patterns independently.

There will also be time to solve problems and errors in our own patterns and/or to improve them. You can also continue to work on the new pattern.

The needs of group members will be taken into account in order to plan the working group.

Since the Knipling program is sold out, you are expected to already have the program 

18/09, 18/12/2024 & 29/01/2025, 30/04, 18/06

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