Workgroup Brugse Binche

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Tutor: Lieve Pollet

Tutor: Lieve Pollet
Dates: 27/09, 29/11/2024 & 31/01, 28/03, 16/05/2025
Times: 10:00-12:00 & 12:30-16:30 hrs

Our Bruges Binche is a very fine continuous lace which looks very mysterious due to its diffuse mix of endlessly varying grounds. In this working group our main aim is to work together on the “project” Bruges Binche:  maintaining traditional techniques, developing knowledge and drawing and working ideas out into new pieces of lace.  For beginners and advanced students.

  • The aim is to transmit the techniques of our Bruges Binche (working and drawing it) to future Binche enthusiasts.
  • In addition, we want to pool the knowledge of more experienced lace makers and designers in projects: perhaps you want to start on that idea or project that has been at the bottom of the drawer for so long? This can be a Binche lace that you have always wanted to work or an idea that still needs drawing out.
  • For less experienced Binche enthusiasts too there is work to do during this first series of sessions: a design idea which covers all the simple grounds and their variations, in which each participant can have freedom and go at his/her own pace in completing his/her project.

It is a working group in which everyone’s level is respected so that drawing and working the lace will lead to a beautiful result for everyone:  a Binche lace with your own identity worked into it!      

27/09, 29/11/2024 & 31/01, 28/03, 16/05/2025

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