Workshop “Lassen”, sewing up and decorating fabric. Beginners and advanced.

€ 205

Tutor: Sandra D’Haene

Tutor: Sandra D’Haene
Dates: 31/10/2024, 28/11, 19712, 30/01/2025, 27/02, 27/03, 24/04, 22/05
Times: 10:00-13:00 hrs

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Who does not want to finish their pieces of lace to a beautiful end result?

In the “Finishing and mounting lace”, sewing up and decorating fabric course, we look for several solutions and examine the options closely.

Even someone who took the first year can go further into the finishing of other types of lace.

No prior knowledge needed.

o   Overlapping finish (“lassen”) for various types of lace
o   Insertions
o   Decorating fabric in combination with lace
o   Making corners in fabric and sewing on lace
o   Point de raccroc

31/10/2024, 28/11, 19/12, 30/01/2025, 27/02, 27/03, 24/04, 22/05

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