Kant, the international magazine
linking all who make bobbin lace!

Unique quarterly magazine, published by staff and friends of the Kantcentrum since 1978.

Includes in each number 8 original patterns (=32 patterns/year), contributions about lace history and lace abroad, reports about exhibitions and courses, as well as book reviews.

Format: 22 x 30 cm

Printed and illustrated in quadricolour.

Dispatched world wide.

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Over recent years we have made “Kant” into a high-quality magazine. For a year now the magazine has been printed throughout in four colours, the layout has been revised and the magazine has undergone a complete makeover.

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CONTENT 'KANT' 2020-1 march
History:  War Lace and an embroidered flour sack / Lace abroad: Bàbence at Krakovany (Slovakia) / In the spotlight: Juliana swinnen and Kantelink / Youth and Lace: Crocuses / Book Reviews: Endlos by Sylvia Vollmer
Techniques (8 lace patterns and technical drawings): 1) CUSHION Torchon 2) SHELLS Binche 3) HANDKERCHIEF Cluny 4) SMALL DECORATIVE PIECE Rococo Lace 5) FULL CIRCLE Torchon 6) LITTLE HOUSES IN AMSTERDAM Decorative piece in Flanders 7) KITCHEN APRON WITH CUPCAKE Needle lace 8) FESTIVE SCARF Binche

CONTENT 'KANT' 2020-2 june
A P-Lace together", A virtual lace atelier during Corona virus
History: A collar in old Flemish Bobbin Lace investigated PART I
Lace overseas: Lace from abroad seen trough the eyes of the members of our youth workshop
IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Competition "Flanders Lace with a contemporary look"
Youth and lace: Chameleon
BOOK REVIEWS: Tiere in Tüll ('Animals in point ground') by Ulrike Voelcker / Dentelle Torchon II ('Torchon Lace II') / Special Estonia by Bruges' Lace Centre / Klöppelzeichnungen verstehen ('Understanding Bobbin Lace diagrams') by Barbara Corbet / Opletané Pallickované Cipky ('Tapes in Torchon Lace') by Vitazoslav Misik
Techniques (8 lace patterns and technical drawings): 1) FULL LACE RECTANGLE Torchon; 2) FISH, FISH, FISH FOR BUCKS Bucks Point; 3) ARCADES (based on an old pricking) Flanders; 4) MENTEBOLLEKE  Binche; 5) SPRING SONG Cluny; 6) COASTERS Pattern 1 Torchon; 7) SWAN WITH GOLDEN PLUMAGE Needle lace; 8) DECORATIVE MAT Rococo technique: use of cloth stitch and twist worked on the diagonal

CONTENT 'KANT' 2020-3 september
Youth and Lace: Roman Mosaic / History: A collar in old flemisch bobbin lace investigated / Book reviews / Lace today: Jose Besters-Uilenbroek / Techniques: A P-Lace together (Torchon), Butterfly in Tulip (binche), Coasters, Flamingo (Rosaline), Daisies (Chantilly), Mitsuyo (binche), the 'candelaer (Needle lace) / Technique tips: mat (Florence lace)

Magazine year 2021 (4 pcs ) Belgium

Magazine year 2021 (4 pcs ) Belgium

Magazine year 2021 (4 pcs ) Europe

Magazine year 2021 (4 pcs ) Europe

Magazine year 2021 (4 pcs ) World

Magazine year 2021 (4 pcs ) World