Bobbin Lace for Coasters and small Trays - Claire Burkhard - in 3 languages

In 3 languages: English, German and French
(Title in French: 'Dentelles pour Dessous de Verre et petits Plateaux' / Title in German: 'Klöppelmuster für Untersetzer und kleine Tablets').
Atelier MB, 16 pages

Lovely patterns for lace in:
-clear acrylic coaster in two parts
-trays silver plated for lace under glass (3 diameters).

This coasters and trays are available in this online store.
For the clear arcrylic coaster, go to: 
For the silver plated trays, go to:
-diameter 15 cm 
-diameter 20 cm 
-diameter 35 cm 


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