'Special BRUGGE 2018 Expert'

Lace Centre Bruges, 2018.
Map Expert.
Languages: English, Dutch, French and German
Published on the occasion of the organization of the 'World Congress of Lace' in Bruges.

Map with 12 patterns: Binche, Mechlin, Paris, Beveren, Duchesse, Valenciennes, Old Flemish lace and more needle lace.  

See in this online store also the folder 'Special BRUGGE 2018 Basic':
See also in this online store the promotion for the 2 maps 'Special BRUGGE 2018 Basic' and 'Expert':

Recently (June 2020) the latest lace special has been published in this series, under the title: 'Special ESTONIA 2020-2021'; go to:

Previously appeared in this serie, all available in this online store by the link as follow:
'Caen 2012'
'Adelaide 2014': 
'Ljubljana 2016 Basic':


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