Discover Torchon I (part 1 of three) - Ulrike Voelcker

This is the first part of a three-part series that is a must-have for all lace makers who want to deepen their knowledge of Torchon techniques. A basic knowledge of lace making is recommended. It presents as a step-by-step course with the techniques explained in detail with a total of 75 small pricks. There are sections on clothwork, torchon ground, spiders, Scandinavian ground, roseground, triangular ground, leaves and tallies, gimps, half-stitch decorations, and more.
It consists of a set of loose pages (126 sides on 63 double-sided sturdy, glossy sheets) in a plastic wallet, punched for insertion into a loose-leaf folder (not supplied) and to which the two other parts can be added.
The 2 other parts are also available in this webshop:
Part 2 - 'Explore Torchon', contains larger stimuli. It is based on part 1, but can also be used independently.
Part 3 - 'Master Torchon', helps to deepen a real knowledge of Torchon. There are exercises with solutions. It is based on part 1 and is difficult to use without.

Ulrike Voelcker has been a professional lace teacher for 33 years. Author of many books, she has traveled throughout much of the world teaching bobbin lace. She has a broad interest in continuous and free bobbin lace techniques plus her studies in art. A perfect technique is her main goal. She takes part in exhibitions and competitions across Europe.


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