Emilie Krüger - Ulrike Voelcker

Germany, 2016
128 pages, hardback, 29,7 x 21 cm
Text: German en English

The designs for bobbin lace in Ulrike Voelcker’s newest book each have a story of their own: they are based on floral patterns drawn by the 14-year-old schoolgirl Emilie Krüger around 1889. 122 years later, her granddaughter Erika Zingler gave them to Ulrike Voelcker as a source of inspiration. The book contains 23 patterns for advanced floral bobbin lace projects in a variety of techniques, with all lace prickings, working diagrams and drawings of details. 

Ulrike Voelcker has been a professional lace teacher for 33 years. Author of many books, she has traveled throughout much of the world teaching bobbin lace. She has a broad interest in continuous and free bobbin lace techniques plus her studies in art. A perfect technique is her main goal. She takes part in exhibitions and competitions across Europe.


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