Lio Four-part stained-glass window in Binche

1 folder with 4 patterns
The pattern is published in six languages:  Dutch, French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

The "Living Lace" Congress in Bruges in 2018 inspired me to design a Binche lace in a contemporary idiom.   As always, I immersed myself in the enormous wealth of Binche grounds and opted for a stained-glass window in four parts, combining different grounds with flowers and leaves. 

I chose the name because I have just become a grandma again and my seventh grandchild is a little girl called Lio.

This publication presents 4 pieces of lace which form a whole; a photo of the whole piece and four working diagrams make an immediate start possible.  In addition, there are four supplementary prickings containing Paris ground stitches, which enable you to work the Paris ground in cloth stitch easily and without problems. 



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