Het prille begin ("The very beginning") - 4-language pattern folder

Belgium - Lace Centre Bruges (editor), 2014
Folder, 9 chapters with 9 patterns
Text: English, Dutch, French and German

This map is a publication with which beginners can get started to practice their first steps in lacemaking. The nine chapters wil be a great help for those lacemakers who have taken their first steps in this old Flemish handicraft by taking part in a basic course in bobbin lacemaking. The idea of the book is that the lacemaker can work with it alone. The examples in this publication can also serve as guidelines for how to make a lace pricking of one's own and use it to make a piece of lace. For each example, details of the materials required are given and then details of the method of work. Step by step, the text describes how one should set to work. 


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