'Recognising Laces - Wegweiser für Spitzen - Wegwijs in Kant - Petit Guide de la Dentelle '

72-page extensive brochure intended to familiarize the lace enthusiast with the various lace types. She wants to introduce him to the wonderful world of this gossamer work and teach him how to distinguish and identify the most common types of lace when he sees certain characteristics.
On the basis of a short systematic description, each time clarified by an illustration, 21 different lace types are presented in an understandable way. The book concludes with a glossary of the most commonly used technical names used in lace. All this in 4 languages, which significantly increases the value of the booklet for the lace lover in its international contacts.

Still very current, although issued in 1983.

A copy of the catalog of the exhibition 'Lace from Bruges churches and monasteries' is attached for free to this booklet.

Belgium, "Kantcentrum Brugge" 1983, M.J. Geers - Vermeulen.
72 pages, soft cover, b / w


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