La dentelle à l'aiguille - Guide pratique - Jacqueline Peter

France, 2018
Language: French, 128 pages, soft cover.
More than 150 photos and illustrations

Master the art of needle lace making in this image-rich guideNeedle lace is an area that doesn't have many books written about it. This book is a rich introduction to this technique.
Step by step, it explains the needed materials, takes you through the first, core skills, and teaches the process, from creating the pattern and preparing the support to separating, trimming, and smoothing. Detailed row-by-row drawings and photos clearly showing the threads' placements help you learn quickly and without frustration. Then follow the instructions for 40 different lace patterns. Included are many examples of ways you can use your finished lace in beautiful and creative ways, along with dozens of variations that will let you add your own personality to your lace, and understand the draw that lace making has had over the millennia.

Jacqueline PETER is a professional designer. She was a remarkably talented student and won first prize in the 'Victoires de la dentelle' at Puy-en-Velay in 1995, for her reproduction in lace of a black-and-white cinema poster. She continues her legacy, notably through her magnificent sketches for both bobbin and needle lacework.
She holds a diploma in lace teaching from the Bruges' Lace Centre in 2006 with her thesis "Creators of Lace in the Haute-Loire from the 17th to the 21st Centuries". Jacqueline teaches both lacework techniques. She is also the founder of two associations in the Burgundy region of France: 'Dentelle dans l’Yonne' and 'Art de la Dentelle en Bourgogne'.

From this book is just come out an English edition, under the title: 'A Practical Guide to NEEDLE LACE'; more info on: 


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