'Syllabus Binche III' - Masterclass Binche

This map contains 8 patterns in Binche, elaborated by the Masterclass Binche in the Bruges' Lace Centre.
More information about the 'Masterclass Binche': see at the bottom.
With this temporary promotion, the Lace Centre wants to encourage the use of the Binche technique.

Lace Centre Bruges, Masterclass Binche (led by A.M. Verbeke-Billiet), 1991
Map with 8 patterns
Languages: English, Dutch, French and German

See in this webshop also 3 other pattern folders from the "Masterclass Binche", called "DOMINOS EN GRONDEN" ('Dominos and grounds'), "HOOP" ('Hope') and "VIVALDI", all three also in temporary promotion.

In 1983, under the impulse of Anne-Marie Verbeke-Billiet, together with 7 ladies, a 'Masterclass Binche' was started in the Lace Centre. They met every month at the Lace Centre and developed an original way to create new designs using the 'old' Binche techniques. This regularly resulted in the publication of a pattern folder much appreciated by lace lovers, such as "SYLLABUS BINCHE III".
In 2016 they released a folder for the very last time; "Vivaldi" named after the composer of the "Quattro Stagioni", a classic masterpiece of music history. This latest publication, also for sale in this online shop, is without doubt one of the masterpieces of the 'Masterclass Binche' of the Lace Centre.
Source: "ABC van de KANT in Brugge", Bruges, 2016, page 17. (for sale in this webshop) 


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