Barjac Ombrée - Ulrike Voelcker

Barjac Ombrée is the title the author gave to a lace completely unknown by the experts which she discovered in France some years ago. It is a continuous lace and combines elements of Chantilly, Milanese, Torchon and Chrysanthe. It is fascinating and lots of fun to do. There are different prickings to choose from which are include reconstructions and new designs at different levels.
About 60 patterns.

128 paginas, A4, full colour, hardcover.
German - English

Several other editions of Ulrike Voelcker are available in this webshop, such as the new one "Tiere in Tüll", the work in 3 parts "Discover-Explore-Master Torchon", the great success "Schneeflöckhen Weissröckhen", "Valenciennes Früher und Heute" and the sublime "Von Herzen".

Ulrike Voelcker has been a professional lace teacher for 33 years. Author of many books, she has traveled throughout much of the world teaching bobbin lace. She has a broad interest in continuous and free bobbin lace techniques plus her studies in art. A perfect technique is her main goal. She takes part in exhibitions and competitions across Europe.


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