"Klöppelzeichnungen verstehen" - Barbara Corbet

Long awaited, now it is there! This new book „Klöppelzeichnungen verstehen - Technische Zeichnungen sowie Fadenzeichnungen selbst zeichnen“ is available for delivery. This book is written to help all lace workers better understand and learn to read and to execute themselves technical drawings and thread drawings.
For beginners and advanced!

Germany, 2019
167 pages, 30 x 22.5 cm, Hardcover
Language: German

History and development of technical drawings (Bruges color code)
Drawing material
Explanation about technical drawings and threaddrawings of the three basic bases, different edges, return stroke, connections, pricks, etc.
Torchon, Flemish and decorative, Point de Lille and modern grounds
Step by step, illustrations and text explain all aspects of bobbin lace and how to understand and execute the drawings.


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