'Special Brugge 2018 - Basic & Expert' - the 2 maps together

Lace Centre Bruges, 2018.
PROMOTION: the 2 maps 'Basic' and 'Expert', together in 1 purchase
Languages: English, Dutch, French and German
Published on the occasion of the organization of the 'World Congress of Lace' in Bruges in 2018.

See in this online store also the order 'Special BRUGGE 2018 Basic'; go to:
See in this online store also the order 'Special BRUGGE 2018 Expert'; go to:

Recently (June 2020) the latest lace special has been published in this series, under the title: 'Special ESTONIA 2020-2021'; go to:

Previously appeared in this serie, all available in this online store by the link as follow:
'Caen 2012': 
'Adelaide 2014'
'Ljubljana 2016 Basic':


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