"My friends" - Kumiko Nakazaki

"My Friends" literally refers to the (best) friends of Kumiko. Rabbits, butterflies, dogs and cats ... all kinds of small animals are reviewed. Kumiko calls them "my stuffed animals", more than 20 in total.
8 beautiful large patterns, each depicted with accompanying prickkings, large technical drawings (usually also with additional technical drawings of the animals), all clearly illustrated with numerous large photos and detailed photos.
Binche designs, Duchesse, Flanders, drawn by Kumiko Nakazaki, teacher of the Bruges' Lace Centre.

The 8 patterns are:
1) 'Watership Down', Binche (with 8 different rabbits and with flowers); execution Noriko Niimi
2) 'Cat Lovers', Binche (with 16 cats and butterflies); execution: Mariko Kawamura
3) 'Dogs', Flemisch Lace (with 8 dogs and big technical drawing); execution: Nicole Guiline
4) 'Medaillons', Binche (7 different medaillons with 7 different dogs and for each big technical drawing); execution: Noriko Niimi - Tomiko Tsuji
5) 'Doggy's', Duchesse (with 6 different little lovely dogs); execution: Wakana Kanari
6) 'Cat fantasy', Binche (with 4 different cats and 4 big technical drawings); execution: Kumiko Nakazaki
7) 'Bear', Binche (1 lovely bear in a heart motif, with big technical drawing); execution: Mitsuyo Kikuchi
8) 'Medaillon', Binche (3 medaillons: 'Butterfly', 'Flower' and Five animals'); execution: Noriko Niimi - Kumiko Nakazaki

Bruges' Lace Centre, 2017
Pattern folder, 8 patterns with prickings
Language: English

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