100/2 Hemp white

Hemp fibre has been used in textile processing for a very long time.  In 600BC, they were already making hemp clothing in China and this reached Europe in the Middle Ages.  Now too, clothes made from hemp are sold all over the world.  For this, hemp fibre is spun just like other natural fibres.  The fibres are twisted together into long, continuous threads and during this process other fibres are often added, depending on future use.

In Japan they also spin the fibres into very fine thread which lends itself very well to bobbin lace.  100/2 hemp, for example, in white or écru with a very natural look, feels slightly thicker and about the equivalent of 100/2 linen.  It is a strong thread with a good tension, perhaps a bit stiff on the bobbins but then it is a natural hemp thread.  25/2 hemp in white or 23/2 in écru can then be inserted as a gimp.  40/2 ecru is also a nice thickness for making bobbin lace (hemp is almost the same thickness as linen).


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